Our Approach

We believe that there is no limit to the endless possibilities that can be achieved when passion fuels ambition, at the meeting point of Design and Technology to produce a nous aesthetic that is constantly evolving and emerging.

Our Story

With our experience in Architecture and design industry, with a firm grasp of innovative technology, software and digital fabrication, Southpaw design was the brainchild of a marriage between design and technology in a way that was never imagined before.

Meet the Team

At SouthPaw Design Ltd. we believe that the creative sector is one of the few that technology enhances, rather than replaces, and keystone of this creative direction is the people that drive it forward.

Sobitha Ravichandran


Architect, Designer, PhD Research fellow and a mother of two tiny ninjas.

Kumar Mudaliar


Entrepreneur and innovator with expertise in Accounting and Finance with over 15 years in the Banking Sector.

Next Steps...

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